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Our Supply Chain

We strongly believe that in order to provide outstanding service to our clients we need to work in unison with our supply chain.

In line with our ISO 9001 Management Procedures prior to working with us all sub-contractors must complete our Sub-Contractor Assessment; this is renewed annually with a full renewal due every 4 years.

While on site all sub-contractors are continually monitored with a bi-monthly audit reporting on areas such as quality and satisfaction, health and safety, ease of cost control, and adherence to programme. These results are published in our Board Report allowing any compromises in performance to be addressed and resolved immediately.

In addition we host an annual event inviting our highest performing sub-contractors to a presentation with our Senior Management Team. These presentations are designed to encourage open and honest communication between ourselves and our supply chain. They provide us with a platform to discuss our performance objectives, workload and policy changes as well as giving our sub-contractors the ability to raise any concerns, criticisms or ideas on how working relationships can be improved.

As a direct extension of our workforce it is imperative that our supply chain adhere to the same stringent standards as we do not only when it comes to performance and quality but also in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness. Recognising the importance of these relationships, and managing them effectively, not only gives us the advantage over our competitors but also ensures that our values and working practices are passed down through our supply chain.

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