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DBS Win Gold at AstraZeneca Engineering SHE Awards 2014

» 25th March 2014



Derry Building Services have been awarded The Gold Award Standard at the AstraZeneca Engineering SHE Awards 2014 for the 8th consecutive year in recognition of their contribution to SHE improvement throughout 2013. They also won the AstraZeneca Engineering SHE Award for Safely Decommissioning the Charnwood Site.


The event held at AstraZeneca’s largest Research and Development site, Alderly Park, Cheshire, their global lead centre for cancer research, not only served to recognise the contribution of their supply chain to the Safety, Health and Environment of their site activities but also allowed contractors to attend a mock trial highlighting the harsh reality and implications of not implementing and adhering to strict health and safety procedures.


Steve Burley, Director Responsible for Health and Safety at Derry Building Services commented;


‘We are very pleased to have achieved recognition for the 8th year running from AstraZeneca for our contribution to Safety, Health and the Environment. We take our responsibilities incredibly seriously and are proud of our reputation within the industry, to achieve both The Gold Award and win the award for Safely Decommissioning the Charnwood Site is a real testament to all of the people who work hard within our organisation to ensure health and safety is our top priority.’


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