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Finalist - Newark Business Awards 2012

» 18th December 2012

Derry Building Services have reached the final for the Training and Staff Development Award at this year’s Newark Business Awards. The category is sponsored by Newark College and will be given to the company that demonstrates the most outstanding excellence in its approach to workforce development.

What they are looking for:


Companies entering this category will need to demonstrate a clear and structured approach to staff recruitment, training, retention and development.


Companies will also need to be able to demonstrate the methodology for assessing the skills requirement within the workforce, training analysis and skills development plans. A description of the company's approach to employee development and how it links with the overall business mission and vision will be required.


The judges will be looking for evidence of specific employee development activities or strategies that have been successful in the organisation, and the impact they have had on the business, e.g. reduced staff turnover, improved retention, reduced recruitment costs, and contribution to business growth and profits.


Winners will be announced at the Newark Business Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 4th December 2012.

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