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Commercial Offices

The Royals Business Park, Docklands, London


Standard Life Assurance & Development Securities


Bowmer + Kirkland

M&E Value:

£7.2 Million

Completion Date:

June 2004

About The Project:

The 50-acre Royals Business Park Regeneration Programme was an office park with 1.6million square foot of offices and 100,000 square foot of ancillary, retail and leisure accommodation.

The first phase of the project comprised of a 237,000 square foot office block incorporating two buildings which are separated by an enclosed communal area known as the Winter Garden.

Each building consisted of five floors of office accommodation and a common car parking area underneath. A ‘street’ area runs between the North and South zones providing common access to each zone.

Extensive feature lighting was installed comprising of the latest LED technology lighting around the building perimeter with an extensive Winter Garden podium and street lighting scheme to enhance architectural highlights.

Office floor plate lighting was also installed using high quality light fittings that had the latest technology louvres to ensure a ‘glare free’ environment for VDU users who occupy the space.

An addressable LON Works Lighting Control System was installed to reduce the ‘fit out’ cost of the offices as the hard wiring would not require replacing, and the services were designed and installed with full flexibility in mind.

The two main switch panels are generator enabled, the lighting system is ‘plug and play’ with the power wiring ready for future tenant occupation.

Each building is provided with its own independent heating, ventilation and comfort cooling system with dedicated boilers, chillers and AHU’s, that have been individually zoned for the North and South zones to compensate for the differing solar effects on the building facades.

In addition to the fresh air ventilation provided by the AHU’s, ventilation has also been provided to the toilet areas in the form of high rate extract with passive air make up, and once again individual systems have been provided for each zone in the building.

Background heating to the street areas is provided by under floor heating systems on the ground floor and fan coil units have been installed with a comfort cooling facility in the lift lobby areas within the streets.

Due to the large amount of pipework required for the project the majority of systems were prefabricated off site in module form and delivered to site to be erected and coupled together.

These modules were delivered complete with all necessary valves, fittings and insulation to form complete systems. The benefit of this installation method was to reduce on-site installation time.

Comfort cooling and heating to the office accommodation was provided by concealed fan coil units with the fan coil units serving the perimeter of the offices installed to serve linear diffusers along the length of the glazing. These force the air down thus creating a ‘curtain effect’ and negating drafts. The fan coil units serving the centre of the offices utilise swirl diffusers to distribute air evenly.

The 600 fan coil units installed on this project were selected based on their thermal requirements and were subjected to independent off site testing to ensure suitability. They serve over 2km of linear diffusers, 1200 swirl diffusers, and are fed by over 12.5 miles of heating and chilled water pipework.

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