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Marks and Spencer



M&E Value:


Completion Date:

June 2012

About The Project:

Derry Building Services were employed by Marks & Spencer from 2010-2012 to conduct the TM44 ACI surveys for a number of stores within the midlands area. The contract involved visiting all the stores allocated to us, approximately 50 in total, and compiling a report outlining the efficiency of the comfort cooling systems. Each report was uploaded on to an official document and sent to The Landmark Registry for approval and lodgement.

The stores surveyed ranged in size from small, single storey retail park units to large, multi-storey, town centre department stores. The time allocated to each store was dictated by the size and complexity of the building’s comfort cooling system.

All surveys were performed during trading hours.

The purpose of the surveys was to provide Marks & Spencers stores with valuable information regarding the efficiency of their comfort cooling system, and to offer advice and guidance as to where efficiency could be improved and savings could be made.

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